Toni and rest of the CID staff are a delight to work for! Everyone is extremely professional and all understand the importance of putting quality vendors in their associations. My experience with this company have been fantastic and I’ve recommended Toni on several occasions and will continue to do so. My company has been in business for over 13 years and Toni has greatly contributed to our successes as I hope we have done for her. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you for many more years to come!

Brian Dutra – Borg Redwood Fence  - Commercial Division Manager 

Commercial Division Manager

CID Management Company has truly been an asset to our Homeowners Association. Toni Guttry has a strong dedication and aptitude for property management. Toni is excellent in communicating and consulting with property owners and vendors. Her problem-solving skills are invaluable in her position, as she displays poise, tack, and determination in dealing with a wide array of issues, consistently following through on them to complete resolution. Without hesitation I would recommend CID Management, they are truly the property management professionals.

Duayne Grace, President

Bonaire Homeowners Association

As Property Manager for the Quail Ridge Residential Association in Walnut Creek, Toni Guttry has consistently exhibited that unique quality and rare ability to successfully address the needs of multiple homeowners all of whom seem to possess divergent views as to community objectives and needs and goals. As past board president and long-time board members, I can attest without hesitation to the fact that we’re most fortunate to have Toni as our Property Manager

Don Flynn

Quail Ridge Homeowners Association

What do I like about CID? Whenever there has been a problem weíve been able to sit down and discuss the problem and come up with a good solution. Itís not easy being on the board because you are in the middle between the management company and the owners. You need good communication between the management company and the board. Then the management company needs to communicate with the owners and the vendors. I think CID does a good job with all of this.

Ann Stenmark,

President Creekwood Terrace

Iíve known Toni for more than the twenty years, first while she was employed by another Homeowner Association Management company and then while she was co-owner of her present location. She is extremely knowledgeable with all facets of Association Management business, she is quick thinking and has the know-how and willingness to suggest solutions to any of your problems. I highly recommend Toni as your future Association Manager

Virginia Varella

Colony Homeowners Association

Iíve worked with Toni Guttry for nearly ten years. During that time Iíve know Toni to be professional, energetic, thorough and trustworthy. Her company reflects her personality, goals and direction. As a vendor, Iíve been witness to the length at which Toni will go to assure her associations receive the best service and quality results, from the landscapers to the painting contractors. Iíve said more than once, if I lived in an HOA, I would want Toni to manage it.

Greg Morgan

Sales Representatives
Kelly ĖMoore Paint Co., Inc.

Toni means ďprofessional, experience, knowledgeable, competent, reliable and friendly.Ē Qualities are greatly appreciated in a property manager. Toni does a great job with support. AS you know weíve been involved in the industry for close to 25 years and I can say without hesitation, Toni offer some of the best support Iíve ever experienced. Thanks and we work forward to keep growing with CID Management Co!


Project Coordinator
Spectrum Painting & Faux
5702 Marsh Dr. Suite R * Pacheco, CA 94553

What sets CID apart from other management companies is that Owner / President Toni Gutty takes a proprietary interest in the association she manages, treating the properties the same as she would her own. Iíve known Toni for over twenty years and she will do whatever it takes to solve problems and get quality services and the best possible price for her clients. She forms lasting relationships and is excellent in working with everyone, even the most difficult personalities.

Viginia Smith